Language instrument for learning CHinese


Chinese has always been considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn. There are over 5000 thousand Chinese words in Elementary School Chinese Dictionary, one of the simplest Chinese dictionary. But does learning Chinese means remembering 5000 thousand words and grammar? The answer is NO.

Tone-da provide you a whole new way for learning Chinese.  It simply turns complicated Chinese comprehension into musical communication. Chinese is a tonal language which has only 5 tones. Tone-da 's learning system is design based on these 5 tones. The following video describe how it works:


Although the learners are using tone flute but not real speaking Chinese to communicate in the workshops, after 40 minutes of playing, I spoke the Chinese sentences that used in the workshop to them, they were able to understand the meaning just by recognising the tones. 

Words are limited in specific scenarios, so are the tone combinations. With Tone-da, you will not have to remember all of the pronunciation of the the words, but just by remembering the tones of the words(which is like the music), you will be about to understand what people are trying to say. It happens sometimes that 2 words in the same scenario have the same tone combination. But learner can still guess out the word in the conversation by grammar or context. For example, in the sentence 'I want to buy a bouquet.', the tones of the word 'bouquet'(huā shù) is the same as the word 'flower shop'(huā diàn). But if in the context, people are speaking about buying something, a ' ˉ ˋ ' is more likely to considered as 'bouquet'(huā shù) rather than'flower shop'(huā diàn).

Tone-da hugely narrow down the information that you need to remember during learning Chinese. It allows you to listen to Chinese in another way. Rather than listening to a completely whole new language, it is more like listening to music. Listening and understanding is the first process of learning a new language, and Tone-da provide you a shortcut to learning Chinese.



Background information of Tone-da

Although the learning method Tone-da proved is very easy and fun, it took a lot of research and workshop experiments to get to the final result. The following links lead you to understand more about Tone-da and the Chinese language.