Ma 1st year selected project



One tool One stool

The brief of this 2-week project was using only one tool and one material(without any connecting material like glue and nails) to make a 40cm tall stool that can support one person's weight. In this project, we were asked to chose our tool before knowing the brief and my chosen tool was simply an orange peeler. Therefore, it was a great challenge for me to make the project work. But in the end, I was quite satisfied with the result.



'Balance' was the one word brief of the DaC platform experiencing project. I pictured the word 'balance' as 'a stable spacial relationship between shapes'. The work was inspired by Islamic geometric pattern. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 17.56.49.png

The logic of relationships:

Mathematical Applications in art and design

This is my dissertation project in MA 1st year. In the article, I describe how I involve mathematical thinking in the process of research and design. Hidden Mathematics in Language and Sound was one of the chapters in my dissertation and my tutors encouraged me to turn it into my graduation project.