Tone flute workshop (25 Mar. 2017)


This is the first user experience test of the tone flute prototype.  In this event, I invited 3 of my friend who knew Chinese at different level to try communication using the tone flute.


Alana from Russia

No Chinese learning experience before.

Catherine from Indonesia

Have had Chinese class before and can understand a little Chinese.

Andrea from Singapore  

Learned to speak Chinese in primary school but preferred no to speak it for she felt embarrassed speaking it. Andrea can understand 60% of the daily conversation in Chinese.


After introducing the tone flute and words card system to them. I asked them to used the following 24 words to make sentences and play the tones of the sentence out using the tone flute, and let other people guess what they are tying to say.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 13.06.29.png

During the playing, the player stated to remember the tones of the words. The words and the tones of the words are repeated by the player again and again. And it allow the player to have a very deep impression of how the words(tones of the words) sound.

Ruohui Xu