undergraduate projects

Chinese traditional furniture form study


During my last two year of undergraduate study, I visited a great amount of museums in China to see the traditional art works and furnitures. After seeing thousands of the ancient pieces and taking photos of them, I found out that the strongest impression that left in my mind was the hidden 'W' or 'M' shape that appeals to be in almost every Chinese traditional object. It came to me that these type of 'W' or 'M' shape design may be the common Chinese traditional aesthetic principle which was used by ancient Chinese craftsmen consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, I started to wonder what else can be done with this aesthetic principle in design.


01 High Chair and Barstool 2 in 1.jpg

project 1

Bunny stool  -- High chair and bar stool 2 in 1

For the 'W' and 'M' shape aesthetic principle was very simple in its form, I started to mix it with minimalistic elements. The result of this project shows that the principle not only works well on traditional Chinese art work, but also on modern designs.


Project 2 -- graduation project

My graduation project is the following research of Project 1. I found out that the 'W' and 'M' shape principle was original from the shapes of ancient Chinese characters. In this project, I summarised the characteristic and history of Chinese characters in a special line chart, which helps to find out the most related version of Chinese characters to Chinese traditional aesthetics and use them into designs.


Project 3

crane Chair

Crane Chair is a combination of Chinese traditional chair in Ming Dynasty and Origami.



Electronic Device design and interactions



vacuum cleaner design for midea

This is a design I did in my internship at Midea. This is my first design that went into production.

origami fan

Fan and light 2 in 1.

E-violin for self-learning

This project include 2 version of e-violin for self-learning, one for children and one for adult. There are many electronic instruments design focus on self-learning nowadays. However, most of them are keyboard instrument but not string instrument. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to design an e-violin for self-learning. This is a project more about interaction.



other design



Mermaid's Heart -- marine style sanitary ware

Mermaid's Heart is a set of 5 pieces sanitary ware which include tower shelves, toothbrush holder and stand for shampoo bottles and soap.

package design -- lofty mountain and flowing water

This is a package design for a special type of Chinese tea call Mountain Mist. 



graphic design


fonts design1 vi.jpg

Owl's nest -- font and vi design