Alice Ruohui XU

bunny stool


During my last two year of undergraduate study, I visited a great amount of museums in China to see the traditional art works and furnitures. After seeing thousands of the ancient pieces and taking photos of them, I found out that the strongest impression that left in my mind was the hidden 'W' or 'M' shape that appeals to be in almost every Chinese traditional object. It came to me that these type of 'W' or 'M' shape design may be the common Chinese traditional aesthetic principle which was used by ancient Chinese craftsmen consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, I started to wonder what else can be done with this aesthetic principle in design.

For the 'W' and 'M' shape aesthetic principle was very simple in its form, I started to mix it with minimalistic elements. The result of this project shows that the principle not only works well on traditional Chinese art work, but also on modern designs.



crane chair

when Ming Chair encounter with origami


This is a project about...

The aesthetic principle I discover in my research about Chinese art form was very simple and easy to use in many situation. Having a simple form, in other words, minimalism, becomes more and more popular these days, not only because it is less likely to cause aesthetic fatigue, but also more suitable for manufacture, use less material and generate less waste. Therefore, I combine the 'W' or 'M' shape with another simple form -- origami and create the Crane Chair.



furniture design based on the form of ancient Chinese Characters


vacuum cleaner

Internship project at Midea


ppt模板12 改1.jpg
ppt模板12 改2.jpg
ppt模板12 改3.jpg
ppt模板12 改4.jpg

origami fan

light and fan 2 in 1

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ppt模板11 改2.jpg
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ppt模板11 改5.jpg
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fairy wings & Aurora

E-violin for self-learning



mermaid's heart

marine style sanitary ware set

ppt模板16 改1.jpg
ppt模板16 改2.jpg
ppt模板16 改3.jpg

lofty mountain and flowing water

package design for Chinese mountain mist tea

ppt模板18 改1.jpg

owl's nest

fonts and vi design for coffe house

fonts design1.jpg