Alice Ruohui XU

Catalog design for miss patina


1 week job for miss patina

The collection of Miss Patina this season is 'Art and Literature'. I was asked to used water colour to draw the scenery of the photo shooting points and connect the pictures into story. I enjoyed playing with the materials that Miss Patina provided: elements of London daily life and cats. The creating process was a lot of fun.


geometrical ceramics project




This is a project related to my research on Islamic geometric pattern. As being Chinese, ceramics and pottery have always been attractive to me. After half-year-study at Ceramic Studio Co-op in London, I decided to make some pieces that related to my mathematical research(learn more at dissertation project).




This is a 4-day workshop held by RCA Student Union. The task was to reuse the interior material of COS shop and make them into a stool or chair for RCA artBAR. Therefore, this is also a recycling project. I am always attractive to the shape of triangle for its simplicity and stability so I used it for Clover Stool as well. The material COS provided was very beautiful and created multiple contrast over the design.